Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Journey For 2012

It struck us that despite so many activities for the year, we had to admit  that a great portion was  in front of the screen. Parents as well as kids.
Coaching year round for both boys' teams was a good release for Dot.

Boys' visit to Mimi and Papa- all by themselves!

Flying back from Ohio all by themselves after visiting the grandparents made them feel really grown up and their parents really nervous.

Our tough second degree black belt

This guy has found his musical side this year.

Adding a bit of color to our lives at the Holi festival.

A nice day at the UU church

Parents escape for some biking at Napa Valley

Gone Fishing

Hang'in out at the cabin

Chess buddies

Our little champs rode 25 miles for charity

Dot did 100 miles- sponsored by her new employer

It's not ALWAYS play at our household

First back-country camping trip.

Tough campers drying off

Goblin's Lair- our secret cave

Wild Horse Canyon narrows- Pretty cool!

Didn't want to get our feet wet

Aunt Jessy does her clinical rotation with us for a month. Congratulations Physical Therapy Graduate!

Our yearly Mexico getaway with the grandparents

Bringing in the new year at work

Dot at work- Hiking?
Karl "racing"

Brave divers

40 foot drop!

Grandmas on top of the world with the boys

Wedding at the cabin- Jonna and Cameron Sheya

Wedding guests/hosts

more soccer
Uncle T visits

Boys will be boys

Draining the river out

Merry Christmas everybody!

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